Aldean // Rebeka – Wedding Edition

April 21, 2015 11:45 AM  /  Church, Crystal Cathedral, Wedding
Aldean // Rebeka – Wedding Edition

I must say, Aldean & Rebeka’s wedding was amazingly heroic! Being able to be part of their wedding and capturing moments that they will never forget was an honor. Their wedding followed the Vietnamese tradition of the groom arriving to the bride’s house early morning to pay their respects by bringing gifts to the family. Shortly after the introductions, speeches, and offerings, they proceeded to the traditional tea ceremony where the groom would serve the bride’s parent’s tea, and the bride would serve the groom’s parents tea. It was certainly interesting as to see how they would mix Filipino traditions into the ceremony since the groom was of Filipino descent, but it all went very smoothly indeed (considering seeing how nervous Aldean looked!). Telling you the whole process is very different from witnessing the whole ceremony–it was intense, very exciting, and long!

I loved capturing the emotion between Aldean & Rebeka, it was absolutely beautiful. You could see how nervous they looked, but at the same time, but they were in it together and it was adorable. The Vietnamese ceremony was a very important one, and sometimes it’s hard to ensure that the proper respects are done properly, but in my eyes, things went rather well. Capturing every smile and nervous face was priceless, they were constantly looking for assurance that things were going accordingly to tradition, or waiting on ques to move onto the next step. Once the ceremony officially ended, the intensity flew out the window as everyone (especially Aldean & Rebeka…even myself!) literally let out a sigh of relief.

To cut things short, they had a short intermission with food and guests mingling with each other, then off to Church. The Church was at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange. A magnificent work of art indeed. Beautiful design, structures, and landscaping. During the preparation, I was shooting away–taking photos of family, friends, the Bride, the Groom…everything! The smallest detail can bring the fondest memories in any wedding, since the Bride and Groom would most likely forget it, or miss it. Capturing the raw emotions really bring out the story and you can literally feel as if you were part of the wedding. After the long church ceremony, we did a photoshoot with just the bridal party on location. The lighting condition wasn’t that great as the skies were filled with gray clouds, but with every passing of a cloud brought a quick blast of glorious natural light. The Bridal party was a blast to work with, they were just pure hilarious, especially Aldean’s Justice League. They were just so into their roles, you could almost feel they were going to fly off to save the world. Rebeka and her lovely ladies would just shake their heads and eye them with a ‘Sigh’. Alas, after the fun was over (for now), our Superman carries his lovely Lois into their Hummer, avoiding flying, to reveal his identity to the public (shh!).

The post-church photoshoot led us to the final chapter, the reception, where there was plenty of food, mingling, surprise flash mob, numerous dance battles, and Superman doing his thing when the time came. He saved all his remaining super powers for the first dance, and it was spectacular. Bravo Aldean, bravo!


Wonderful wedding you guys, thank you for letting me be part of your wedding. It was certainly a honor!

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