Hai // Hong – Maternity Edition

August 1, 2015 12:15 AM  /  Maternity, Photo Journalism, Photoshoot
Hai // Hong – Maternity Edition

There is nothing more exciting and amazing than starting a new chapter by having a new addition to a family. I was honored to be chosen to capture these special moments that will last a lifetime for Hai & Hong. I cannot explain how magical it was to witness the love and care these two loving soon-to-be parents showed towards their ‘coming soon’ baby boy, Alex. You could see that they were both going to be amazing parents as they are as human beings by watching their love shine throughout the session. With roughly two and a half months left of pregnancy, Hong looks wonderful! From the way she sounded on the phone with me, it sounded like she was the size of a football stadium, but truth be told, or in this case, photos be told, she’s not even close to the size of a football stadium. I tried to aim for locations where the sunlight and the heat wouldn’t roast our lovely couple, but luckily being near the coast helped with the heat. The opportunity to create a memorable story through my lens for Hai and Hong live in each photo, telling their story of how they forged their love from the very beginning.

They were shy at first, but you could tell they were anxious to get the story rolling no matter what the task was. We had to do some basic ice-breaking poses to get comfortable with the environment and figuring out do-able poses and un-doable our lovely soon-to-be mother can perform. Once we got everything rolling, Hai and Hong quickly got comfortable with the camera as well as the surrounding environment, which luckily had little to no people around and was rather tranquil. Having two separate locations provided the opportunity to create two different atmospheres, emotions, and stories, which came out exceptionally well.






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