Jack // Hollie – Engagement Edition

August 16, 2015 12:32 PM  /  Engagements, Photo Journalism, Photoshoot
Jack // Hollie – Engagement Edition

Remember the time when a sweet and loving lady wanted to give you free haircuts mainly to explore their inner hair-styling passion? No? Me either, but this handsome fella here does. Funny story indeed when I got Hollie to spill the beans on how she managed to capture Jack’s attention (by the way, each haircut session lasted to at least…at least 4 hours (yep). The kicker is that Jack had no idea that his future wife had the game plan all panned out and this was only the beginning…

Pretty much you already know our friend Jack here has fallen deeply, madly in love with Hollie through the many hours of getting his hair trimmed with trial and error (there were many ‘oops’ and ‘uh-ohs’ from what I heard). Hey, love finds its way through all kinds of situations, even the craziest ones! Fast forwarding to the future, here they are hand in hand ready to write a new chapter in their lives together. And I was happy to be part of their journey. They’ll always look back and say ‘Hey, remember the photographer who took us through the canyon in 105 degrees?’ Yeah…

Anyways, about the photo shoot…all I can say is that it was on fire…literally. It was 105 degrees. Honestly I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through alive through the heat! I was indeed worried about our lovely couple! They had the courage and spirit to pose and be still under the blazing sun in the heat wave. Now, that’s what I call fiery passion burning within! Despite the blazing heat wave, we managed to get through the day, although completely drained by the end and literally dreaming about ice cold drinks!





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