This is the biggest moment in anyone’s life. A new chapter awaits once vows have been exchanged and rings placed in their rightful place. Weddings can be intense!

The Bride and Groom are nervous and anxious, the coordinator is guiding them to their next location, the guests finding their way through the venue looking for their seats, guests mingling with long time friends and family, kids laughing and wondering what this magical place is, and the Bestman and Maid of Honor making sure everything is done.

There is so much going on this magical day, but if I remember, it was hard for me to greet everyone, and on top of that, even remember the small things that occurred that day. Photographs provided me a more vivid memory and even see what I had missed while bring rushed and so focused on the schedule.

Capturing those guests laughing with each other, and mighty groomed children running around, and of course, the emotional moments between the Bride and Groom,  can really make a difference. I make my sessions very personal, so when you look back on your photos, your smile automatically comes next, and that brings me nothing but joy.